Trillium News : CallRecorder V5.11 Software Released

Trillium is pleased to announce the release of an upgraded version of its telephone call recording software, CallRecorder V5.11.

The new release, which is fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows7 (32 and 64 bit versions) offers a number of enhancements/ improvements, which when used in conjunction with Trillium’s range of telephone recording adaptors, makes recording phone calls to your PC even easier. These include:

‘Run at Startup’ or ‘Manual Startup’ Options

This allows each user to simply select if they would like the CallRecorder application to automatically run at startup.

Improved File Naming Options

Time & Date stamp inclusion in the file name – This allows call recordings to be easily sorted and identified by the date and time of day they were recorded.

Set base filename to the Username – This is ideal for multi-user environments as it allows easy identification of phone calls recorded by each user.

Improved Recording Playback Window

Makes it easier to find and play back call recordings.

Improved Greeting User Interface

Makes it easier to configure the greetings and announcements to be played during phone call recording.

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