Contact Centre Services & Voice Quality Testing

Need professional maintenance and assistance in contact centre services? Our team at Trillium can help. Trillium engineers are highly skilled and experienced, we can ensure optimal technical performance of your company’s Contact Centre with our range of services. 

Headset and Telephone Equipment Cofiguration

We'll ensure that the appropriate Headset equipment is selected and correctly configured, providing optimal performance for both your agents and customers.

Acoustic Shock Investigation and Consultation

Trillium can assist with the implementation of appropriate acoustic shock protection measures for your agents. We can also assist with the investigation of acoustic shock incidents and the testing of headset equipment to ensure acoustic shock protection is consistent with the relevant industry standards and manufacturers’ specifications.

Testing can be done to ensure compliance of headset equipment with:

AS/CA S004 - Voice performance requirements for Customer Equipment

G616 - Acoustic Safety for Telephone Equipment

Telstra TT4 


At Trillium, you can trust that all of our contact centre services are carried out to the highest degree of precision.  


Voice Quality Testing

Our voice quality testing is also done to stringent standards. To ensure that your customers’ experience is not negatively impacted by degradation in voice quality, we’ll do a thorough investigation. We’ll measure the end to end voice degradation caused by agent equipment, telephone systems and networks to ensure that everything operates perfectly.


This is particularly relevant with outsourced, interstate and overseas contact centres, where VoIP networks or least cost trunking are deployed.  Our voice quality testing will identify areas impacting voice quality performance and provide recommendations on the appropriate areas to investigate.

(Click here to see White Paper – Customer Perceived Voice Quality)  


Background and Ambient Noise Testing 

Trillium can measure and analyse background and ambient noise to ensure occupational health and safety requirements are being met and to identify any impact on intelligibility for both your agents and customers.

Testing can be performed to:  

AS/NZS 1269 Occupational noise management Parts 0-4

National Standard for Occupational Noise [NOHSC: 1007(2000)]



Headset and Telephone Equipment Configuration

Acoustic Shock Investigation and Consultation

Voice Quality Testing

Background & Ambient Noise Testing 



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