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Telstra SP817BB Big Button Corded Telephone

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Designed and manufactured by Trillium, the Telstra SP817BB is multi-featured big button hearing aid telephone that offers a range of features to assist seniors, the disabled and people with sight, hearing, voice or physical impairments.

The extra loud receive volume combined with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and low frequency boost, enhance audibility for people with reduced hearing. The loud ringer and ring flasher also assist in alerting people with hearing loss to incoming calls.

Large dial buttons with contrasting designations are easy to read and use, making it an ideal telephone for seniors and people with sight or physical impairments.

The big button phone provides a range of features that will greatly improve accessibility to telephone services for the elderly, the disabled and for people with reduced vision, dexterity, hearing and memory loss. These features include:


 Hands free operation

  • Ringer flasher
  • Auxiliary input
  • Extra loud alerts and receiver
  • Hot Key Dialling mode
  • Hot Key Answering mode  


The Telstra SP817BB hearing aid phone is available at no extra charge to eligible Telstra rental customers directly from Telstra's Disability Services under the Telstra Disability program. 

For more information about Telstra's Disability Program contact Telstra on

Click link to see - G627 Accessibility Matrix   


Telstra SP817BB Big Button Phone Features:

To assist people with hearing difficulties:

  • Extra loud and adjustable Receiver Volume (+24dB boost - which is higher than most phones).
  • Automatic Gain Control and Low Frequency Boost to enhance audibility.
  • Hearing Aid compatibility with inbuilt hearing aid coupler.
  • Ring Flasher.
  • Adjustable Loud Ringer.
  • Selectable Ring Pitches.
  • Handsfree speakerphone - can assist people with twin hearing aids.

To assist people with reduced vision:

  • Large easy see and use Dial Keys and function keys.
  • Contrasting keys and designations.

To assist people with reduced dexterity:

  • Large, easy to use Dial Keys and function Keys.
  • Hot Key Dialling (4 programmable levels) for initiating outgoing calls without lifting the handset by simply pressing a Dial Key a Memory Key.
  • Hot Key Answer (2 programmable levels) automatically answer calls when the phone is ringing  simply by pressing any button.
  • Hot Dial Operation  which allows a stored emergency number to be automatically dialled when a connected auxiliary device is operated.
  • Auxiliary input, to allow the phone to be activated by a separate Jelly Bean, Puffer or Lever switch and similar devices.
  • Headset Mode.

To assist people with vocal difficulties:

  • Voice Mode, allows the handset microphone sensitivity to be adjusted, so that faint voice can be easily heard by the other end.
  • Adjustable Voice Aid to help your caller hear you clearly.

To assist people with memory loss:

  • Hot Key Dialling (4 programmable levels) allows important numbers to be stored and accessed via simpleltouch of a large Dial Key. (These Keys can be marked with photos or symbols to aid memory and make them easy to recognise.)
  • Hot Key Answer (2 programmable levels) automatically answer calls when the phone is ringing simply by pressing any button.

Other convenient features:

  • 3 One-touch memories - single button access to frequently called numbers.
  • 10 Two-touch memories - quick access to additional frequently called numbers.
  • 1 Hot Dial memory - used in conjunction with auxiliary input.
  • Redial - to redial the last number called.
  • Wall Mountable.
  • Desk Stand.

Optional Equipment:

  • Plug Pack for Auxiliary device operation
  • Optional Battery backup plug pack for Auxiliary devices - allows full operation for up to 48 hours during power failure.




Telstra SP817 But Button Hearing Aid Telephone Accessories

Plug Pack

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Plug Pack - Battery Back Up

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  • Allows operation Telstra SP817 hearing aid big button phone via the use of a Jelly Bean, Puffer, Lever Switch or similar devices connected to the Auxiliary Input of the phone.
  • Battery Back-up version provides full operation for 24 hrs in case of mains power failure.


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