Trillium News : REC-ADPT-USB LC Launch

Trillium launches its new USB version of the Line Connect Recording Adapter that provides automatic level control.

Trillium Technologies Pty Ltd has developed a new USB Telephone Recording Adaptor for Line Connect (REC-ADPT-USB-LC), to compliment its extensive range of Telephone Recorders. The product which is designed and manufactured in Australia, provides a connection from any analogue or PSTN telephone line to a computer USB Port to allow the recording of telephone conversations.

This recording adapter is ideal for home, SOHO and small business applications. It can be used to record calls made from multiple telephone connected to the same telephone line, including normal telephones, handsfree telephones, cordless telephones and Conference units.

The REC-ADPT-USB-LC which was designed in Australia by Trillium incorporates Automatic Gain Control (AGC) to overcome the volume level disparity that can occur when recording calls directly from a telephone line. This problem may arise from a combination of factors such as,long lines at the either near or far end, losses in the telephone network and varitions between different telephone models. The level disparity may not be apparent on the telephone call, as modern telephones automatically compensate for long lines, but may exhibit itself on phone recordings taken directly from the telephone line.

The advanced design and AGC circuitry of the REC-ADPT-USB-LC compensates for the disparity in levels to ensure a more balanced recording of the near end and far end voice.

The unit is plug-and-play device allowing simple connection to both the telephone and to the computer. It incorporates an integrated sound card allowing users to record telephone conversations, without tying up their system sound card which can continue to be used for other purposes (e.g. playing music).

The advanced circuitry also provides Ring and Off-Hook detection which can be utilised by suitable software to trigger automatic recording, and collection of incoming caller ID information.

Used in conjunction with Trillium's CallRecorder Software the REC-ADPT-USB-LC is a valuable business tool, allowing telephone calls to be recorded for training, order detail confirmation and dispute resolution.

For more information or a brochure see REC-ADPT-USB-LC

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