Visual Ring Alert

Flashes your 240V lights, or operates other 240V electrical devices such as flashers, sirens and door openers etc. from your telephones ring. Other devices with an electrical output such as your doorbell can also be connected to the Visual Signal Alert input to flash your lights.

Provides a visual signal that allows people who have a hearing impairment to see that the telephone is ringing. It switches any incandescent lamp on or off in sequence with the telephone ring to show when there is an incoming call.

Also suitable for noisy industrial situations to alert employees of incoming calls.


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  • Flashes an incandescent lamp in sequence with incoming telephone ring note: not suitable for use with Fluorescent lamps.
  • Easily connected to a standard telephone socket.
  • Selector switch allows the lamp to be set to normally "on" or normally "off" for day or night operation.
  • Indicator Lamp - dual colour to indicate mode and operation.
  • Activated by incoming ring.
  • Can also be activated by signals 4 to 24Vac/dc 1mA to 10mA (e.g. Door Bell Button).

Note: not suitable for use with Fluorescent lamps.

Technical Specifications:

  • AC ring Detection 40 to 120Vac RMS at 14 to 55Hz (RJ pins 3 & 4 centre pins).
  • REN: less than 0.2.
  • DC and AC signal Detection 4 to 24Vac/dc 1mA to 10mA (RJ pins 2 & 5).
  • Power Rating: Nominal rating 500W / 2A max rating.

Note: The AC and DC control inputs can NOT be used at the same time as the telephone connection


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Technical Specifications



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